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Inviting A Colleague | SignTick Support
Inviting A Colleague

If you are the account creator or you are a user within the account with permission to access the account Users section, you can add new users to the account. Go to Settings and click on Users.

Here you can see a list of all people associated with your account, you can edit their permissions and delete them if necessary. To invite a colleague or friend as a new user within your account, click on the green Invite New User button.

When you add a new user to your account, and they accept your invitation, they will be able to see all agreements that have been created/sent/signed, unless they are marked as private. Fill in the relevant details and click Send Invitation – to find out more about what permissions mean, click here. At this point, the person will receive an email invitation from you, explaining that they have been invited to join your SignTick account, and explaining a bit about what SignTick is.

This person’s name will sit on the list of users with an ‘Unverified’ badge next to their name until they accept your invitation and set up their account.

This badge will disappear once they have accepted your invitation and set up their password.