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SignTick is Easy, Fast and Secure

SignTick lets you get a digital signature on anything

You can get a digital signature on anything you can display on a web page. Get a contract signed, a quote to save you creating Microsoft Word quotes and sending them by email each time. You can upload any file type as an attachment. For creative types you can sign off artwork. Videographers can get their videos approved. You can even use SignTick for data capture, as part of an agreement.
All your agreements are legally binding and secure

SignTick uses the latest version of The Electronic Communications Act 2000 for guidance on how to verify digital signatures. It uses a secure 4-digit PIN code to verify your signatories email addresses. This is the equivalent as sitting across the table from them as they sign it, while you video tape the entire thing.
1. Click     2. Sign     3. Verify

Nothing is simpler than signing your own name on the dotted line. We have made SignTick the easiest it could possibly be to sign an agreement without compromising security. It's a simple 3 step process. They click and read the agreement. Type their name. Verify their email address by typing in a 4 digit code. To sign an agreement takes literally just 10 seconds.
Your agreements will have your logo at the top and use your company colours

Your documents should be branded with your company name and colours, not ours. This is why you won't find our name, logo or colours anywhere in the experience your customers have. You have full control over exactly how your agreements look. You can change the background colour and upload your own logo to give off that perfect brand consistency.
Create your own templates or use our ready-made ones

Very rarely do people use custom contracts or agreements. There might be a few details here and there that change, but they are mostly the same. Templates allow you to set up your standard contracts and agreement types so creating a new agreement takes seconds. We've even pre-loaded your account with a range of different templates which you can use as they come, or customise.
Everyone in your organisation can use SignTick

Your team can access SignTick and send their own agreements without using your account. You still have one set of credits and one set of templates and you can choose to see each other's agreements or set them as private. Everyone in your organisation can use SignTick.
We're around Monday - Saturday 10am - 10pm

The same team that worked tirelessly to build SignTick are the same people that will be there if you need help. We don't charge for support and it's our primary way of keeping our customers happy and promoting ourselves. We offer the best support we possibly can.
Average time to sign agreements online is 40-minutes

The biggest reason people don't sign agreements is because it's a massive hassle. Think about it, they need to read it, print it, sign it, find an envelope and stamp then walk down the road to post it. Or best case scenario, they have to scan it, and email it back. With SignTick, they click one button, read the agreement, type their name and verification code in. That's it. It takes seconds instead of hours or days.
Your agreements, confidentiality, passwords and data are all backed up daily

We have built SignTick with security in mind. All passwords are stored with 128-bit encryption. It's impossible to delete an agreement that's already signed, as it would be in real life. We've thought out every single eventuality and have safeguards in place. Our servers are protected by a first rate security team guarding the data centre.

Your data is safe, your agreements are safe. Our reputation with this product is down to it's ability to be secure. We are happy to answer specfic questions about this so please ask.

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Save money

Save money on filing, paper, envelopes, printing and stamps. Digital signatures start at 50p per agreement and can save you a significant amount of money.

Speed up your sales process

Instead of making your clients jump through hoops to print, sign, scan and fax or email your signed document back. Have it back signed in hours not days or weeks.

Anyone can use it

Create unlimited accounts for everyone on your team. Give them limited access and let them share your templates, account settings and credits. You can keep agreements private if you need to.