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Privacy Policy

This policy covers how SignTick handles both personal and non personal information that SignTick collects and receives. SignTick will never release any information that can identify you as an individual. Any information collected, via means of submitted data or server logs, is safely and securely stored.

Third Party information

SignTick will not sell any personal identifying information to any Third Party, but may provide non personal identifying data to Third Parties. SignTick may contain links to websites outside of our control and as such cannot be held responsible for any data collection methods they employ or data distribution methods.

Collected information

SignTick monitors and analyses its website logs, which contain no personal identifiable information, to ensure that the website is performing to the best of its ability and to ascertain demographic information. Data collected includes IP addresses, dates & times, URLs visited and actions performed. This information is also used to uniquely identify document signers.


SignTick makes use of "session cookies" to log registered users into the SignTick system and "persistent cookies" to retain data over a series of sessions (e.g. promotion tracking). Cookies set by SignTick shall never contain personal identifying information.